Bespoke Illustrative Portrait

Bespoke Illustrative Portrait


Mister Wolf will draw you! 

After a short piece of negotiating Mister Wolf will sketch, ink and paint you in full colour (or someone you know) on a 350gsm A6 Watercolour postcard with dip-pen, windsor & newton inks and professional watercolours... Then he'll send it on using magic (or royal mail) to an address of your choosing.

  • Ordering a portrait

    Once youve completed your order please email at least 2 photos of the person you'd like him to draw to

    (its best if these are full-body photos but we can work around it)

    If this is a gift please indicate what you'd like to be written on the reverse of the postcard in the email.

    When ordering please consider:

    Give specific instructions if you want something specific. If not, be vague and enjoy the creative outcome. 

    This is an illustration, not a caricature or a realistic portrait: It will probably be funny and include some form of visual 'joke'.

    You will own the original artwork but Mister Wolf still owns the copyright to it.